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'Skills for Success' is a program for young people (aged 11-17) run by an accredited Youth Coach designed to enhance motivation, performance and promote goal-striving

Through this program your young person will gain confidence in themselves, become motivated to be their best, and create a clear pathway for their future!

Over 10 hours of facilitated coaching:

1) Life & Career Coaching - helps youth to find the inner resources and tools to better manage themselves, arming them with the skills to find their own path through life, school and career. They will learn about their personality types, complete a life wheel (looking at what areas are going well and what needs some attention) and create an action plan to achieve their goals.

2) My School Success - where young people take control of their learning success by evaluating what is going well in their studies, and what could be improved and learning strategies to take their performance to the next level. We will create a timetable and set goals and an action plan.

3) Leadership & Peer Coaching - Here we assume that your teen is already a leader ready to create positive change where they see it necessary. They will learn how to lift up others, learn problem-solving and active-listening techniques to bring the best out of others and be a peer coach and leader!


Using the ‘Coaching Young People For Success’ program, which is based on ‘Positive Psychology’ and ‘Hope Theory’ evidence-based methodologies, ‘Skills for Success’ will help your young person to develop:

  • Self-awareness and confidence about who they are

  • Get a clear understanding of the path they want to follow

  • Create an action plan with goals on how to achieve it

  • Further develop their leadership knowledge and capabilities

Book below, or if you are interested to find out more information on how to offer these services to private groups to schools, youth agencies, or through private one-one-one coaching, please contact:

Genevieve Hodge

Founder, Spire Coaching

T: 0405 559 153


Watch these testimonials from a parent and former 'Skills for Success' participant

Before I did the program, my biggest problem was dealing with my anger. After doing the program I feel a lot more confident and I understand myself better. I learnt that your world can be what you want it to. It will help you find out who you are & your career; what you want to do in life! I now have tools to manage my anger! I recommend it.

- Brayth, 12

10+ hours of personal development and success coaching

My School Success

  • School Performance Coaching and Steps for my School Success 

  • A highly effective way to empower students to take responsibility for their learning. 

  • Students will review their academic and personal performance, identify potential blockers and then set and review their learning goals 

  • Will teach students the strategies of TOP school performers, then take through a step by step process to design a tailor-made action plan that will take their own performance to a new level

Life & Career Coaching

  • Be taken on a journey of self-discovery where they will complete

    • A personal Who am I? profile

    • Connect to their key strengths

    • Design an inspiring life and career pathway plan (including meaningful subject, course, work experience and career choices) that matches their vision, values and preferred lifestyle

  • Using the life wheel, young people will identify the priority areas they want to work on and the steps they need to take to achieve greater health and well-being in all areas of their life. 

  • Assists young people design a “Steps for My Life Success” action plan that parents, & teachers can support them to achieve.

Leadership & Peer Coaching

  • You be the leadership coach!

  • Learn how to support and lift up your peers as a leadership coach

  • Learn effective active listening and communication strategies to listen for strengths

  • Learn and practice a solutions-focused problem-solving technique

  • GOAL coaching conversation, future focus framework that promotes change, learning and action!

  • SMART action goal setting

  • Teens will join the Young Leaders of Australia Facebook Group and receive ongoing coaching and support in their leadership journey 

  • Get a 10% discount off the Inspiring Teens Leadership Program

After doing the program, I now have clear focus for my career! Through the program, I learnt the skills to be able to record down goals appropriately using the S.M.A.R.T technique to write down my goals.

I would recommend this program to friends who are interested in this because I believe this workshop can help them in the way that they do things, either in career pathways or schooling.

- Aaliyah, 16


"My 2 friends and I recently did a workshop with Gen, and it was really good. We did a whole bunch of activities, including a lot of goal setting, which made us really think about our future, and what we want to be when we are older. I recently got a job at McDonald's, and I would like to thank Gen for doing this workshop for us, as it helped me greatly." 

Participant ,14

Genevieve Hodge, Certified Youth Coach

Genevieve Hodge, Founder and Youth Leadership Coach
Genevieve's biggest passion is inspiring and developing young people so they can live their best life. As a certified Coach and licenced ‘Coaching Young People for Success Leader’, Genevieve has over 5 years’ experience running leadership programs at Curtin University developing over 300 young student leaders for university and high schools. She holds a Master of Education (Leadership & Change) and a Post Graduate Certificate of Coaching. She loves her job as a Youth Coach fulfilling her passion: inspiring, igniting, motivating, encouraging and supporting young people to lead their best life! 

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