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Inspiring Teens
Leadership Development, Inspiring Teens, Youth Leaders, Social Impact

Developing leaders for a better world

Make a difference working in small teams on projects to solve a real problem for a local Non-Profit Organization

The “Inspiring Teens” Program is based on the CLEAR Leadership Framework - developing young leaders who feel CLEAR about their future and able to embrace Challenges, as a Leader to Engage with the community, take Action, and deliver Results, as well as Reflect on the lessons learned along the journey.

Spire Youth Leadership Coaching CLEAR Leadership Framework
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Leadership Development, Inspiring Teens, Youth Leaders, Social Impact

How It Works

Starting in the school holidays, teens:

  • Attend a non-residential 4-day bootcamp to develop Self, Team and Community leadership skills*.

  • In small groups, teens pick a project to work on to solve a real problem for a local Non-Profit organisation.

  • Over the next 10 weeks, teens work together to solve these problems, supported by a senior Mentor, with fortnightly online check-ins

  • In the following school holidays, teens regroup and reflect on all the learnings (successes and challenges) and prepare presentations for Graduation.

  • Teams celebrate their results and present learnings at the prestigious Graduation Ceremony attended by family and invited community leaders.

  • Our change agents are born!


(*The program will involve coaching and training from Positive Psychology, Action Learning, Coaching Young People for Success and the Social Change Model of Leadership Development methodologies).

What Can Your Teen Expect To Gain From The Program?

  • Self-knowledge: learn about their values, beliefs, strengths & weaknesses

  • Resilience & Self Confidence: learn how to set and pursue goals and how to overcome challenges and limiting beliefs. 

  • How to work effectively in teams: learn how to trust others, how to manage conflicts (how to negotiate for win-win outcomes)

  • Communication: How to effectively communicate to others through active listening and inspiring others through public speaking

  • Competitive advantage: Real-world experiences will open doors to further opportunities. It will add value to their resume and interviews for scholarships, jobs, internships, and Youth Programs

  • Employability: develop the skills employers want: leadership, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, teamwork, & decision making

  • Sense of achievement: be so proud of what they achieve together as a team. They will leave the program feeling they can make a positive difference in the world. Our future change-makers are born!


These are the skills future employers are seeking, so this program will provide an opportunity for greater success in life beyond school.  One Alumni from the previous leadership program (that this program is based on) went onto become a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

Leadership Development, Inspiring Teens, Youth Leaders, Social Impact

Develop 7 Core Leadership Capabilities


Critical Thinking






Theory Of Change

Spire's Theory of Change, Leadership Development, Inspiring Teens, Youth Leaders, Social Impact

Inspiring Teens Impact Report

Leadership Development, Inspiring Teens, Youth Leaders, Social Impact
Leadership Development, Inspiring Teens, Youth Leaders, Social Impact

Downloadable Information

Learn more about Inspiring Teens with the below resources


Inspiring Teens

Not-For-Profit Projects

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What Participants Say...


The Inspiring Teens program was a life changing program. It gave us teens an opportunity to engaged with community and develop confidence & professionalism as young leaders.


I learnt how to effectively deliver a presentation, I am more self aware and feel the skill set gained as a result of this program will last for years to come. I have made bonds with people that I will never break. This program is great for someone who is looking to improve their leadership skills or who is thinking of being a role model to others. This program is a step in the right direction to becoming a leader and I would definitely recommend it to others.


I am now changed fundamentally since I hadn't before shared an epiphany and that led me to share more changes that affect me personally from external issues of the world which fire a passion in me to fight issues and have an ongoing resolve to see some issues resolved such as racism.

RANA, 15

As a result of participating in Inspiring teens, I changed as a person mostly because now I have more empathy and I think for other before myself which is what we need in our world today.


I became more independent and able to easily communicate with people when a problem occurs. Now I think more like a leader and I have an wider mind of what people are experiencing around the world and know how to make a difference even by donating. I am very proud of the changes that have happened to me because these changes are significantly important and is required for a leader.


About the Founder: Genevieve Hodge

Passionate about developing socially responsible young people. With over 5 years of experience running leadership programs at Curtin University, developing over 300 young leaders from university and high schools. Holds a Master of Education (Leadership), a Post Graduate Certificate of Professional Coaching, a Bachelor of Business.

Genevieve Hodge, Certified Youth Coach


This is an implementation program which means we are only interested in working with teenagers fully committed to following through with the program and the community group project.


If you would like your teen to be involved in this exciting program, please complete the contact form for further information, or click 'Register Here' to register your teen.


We are currently accepting sponsorship nominations from schools, councils, youth agencies and businesses. We are seeking awesome young teens who are natural leaders and passionate about making an impact in the world! Please contact us now to get a sponsorship form.

We look forward to developing the next generation of leaders that will make the world a better place!

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