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The Impactors is a three-month group coaching leadership program with Genevieve Hodge (MEd.), designed to enhance your leadership potential and make a positive impact in the community!


If you are a socially conscious young professional and an aspiring leader, this coaching program will enable you to explore and develop your leadership capabilities. Recent research indicates that coaching is invaluable for aspiring leaders, because of the difficulty in navigating the complex challenges that arise within the professional and external environment. To cultivate the inner capacity to deal with these challenges, the Impactor program will refer to the Inner Development Goals, a framework of internal skills and qualities individuals need in order to successfully work with complex societal issues, particularly those identified in the United Nation's Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Team at work

Who is this program for?

For those who are looking to step up their leadership, find their purpose and direction in their careers, and fulfill their need of making a positive contribution to the problems of the world.


As a participant, you are expected to be:

Committed to seeking to develop and deepen your learning as a leader (existing or aspiring)

Committed to creating a positive and measurable impact in the community

Willing to do, or have done, some personal development work around self-awareness, emotional intelligence and compassion for self, others and the planet

Willing to engage in experiential inquiry and practice to explore the impact of yourself and how you perform in small group community projects

Willing to engage and complete the community project and to reflect on the learnings

Willing to engage in pre-work and reading to extend your knowledge and skills

How Will You Benefit?

By the end of the program, the aim is for you to have:

Ideal Outcomes

(These will vary in each participant's experience)

Deepened your understanding and appreciation of the complex elements of leadership (self, team and community)

Developed your knowledge and skill in applying a range of models and theories related to the Inner Development Goals in a real-life project initiative

Explored and practiced how you engage with others and in group settings, in order to better perform in professional settings

Evaluated past and present challenges and reflect with different perspectives on how you can improve your performance in the future

Increased your visibility through networking and gaining confidence in yourself as a leader

Increased confidence in your
leadership ability

Reduced Imposter Syndrome (increased courage, assertiveness and authenticity)

Increased job satisfaction

Clear plan for your future career

Sense of accomplishment and pride
in contributing to an initiative
greater than yourself (meaningful
contribution to the community)

Program Outline

The three-month program is divided into three phases where we will meet weekly starting from the beginning of each month listed below.:

Phase 1 - Stocktake

We will meet in a small group setting online where you will be coached to be the most impactful leader you can be! Firstly, we focus on you and your self-leadership. We will do a stocktake of where you are now, and where you want to be, and create a bridge with action steps on how to get there. You will have the opportunity to work through any unwanted beliefs or limiting thoughts/actions holding you back.


Secondly, we look at how you perform in teams, and how to improve your performance. Then you will form a small team of participants, where you will design the plan of a small, yet impactful, community initiative of your choice.

Phase 2 - Project

Project implementation, where in your team, you will use the project as a safe space to practice your leadership. The aim is to create a measurable impact in the community.

Phase 3 - Reflect

You are invited to honestly reflect on your performance, individually and as a team, setting goals for improvement, and finally creating a showcase of results to share with
the professional community and to celebrate our learnings together.

In a Meeting

Organisational Benefits

Employees who feel they are contributing their skills to the best of their ability, and adding value to an organisation can counteract the ‘Great Resignation’. Keeping professionals engaged and developing their skills through leadership coaching is invaluable for succession planning and employee retention.

Meeting Room

Workshop Format

  • There are a number of sessions which are compulsory to attend live- dates provided closer to program starting

  • Zoom meetings will be recorded and saved in a shared group folder in case you miss a session

  • There will be an online group space for collaborative group sharing, to work together, ask questions, and support one another.

  • Delivered virtually, we will meet weekly for 2 hours (days and times to be confirmed with participants closer to commencement.)


  • There will be live group coaching offered fortnightly


  • To make this learning opportunity accessible to those in all time zones, we have designed these workshops to be in the morning for European participants, and in the afternoon/ early evening for Asian and Australian participants

  • Consideration has been given in the design to include small group work to reduce on-screen hours and encourage interactive participation with time and space to practice new ideas and principles in your community projects

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Ready to lead with purpose and create a positive impact? Enroll in The Impactors Program today and take the first step toward becoming a socially conscious and influential leader. Limited place, secure your place now!

Fists in Solidarity
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About Your Facilitator

Genevieve Hodge is an experienced Leadership Coach and Program Manager who has worked with hundreds of young leaders across Europe and Australia. She has developed award-winning leadership programs, and is a member of the ICF and EMCC. Her qualifications include a Master of Education specialising in Leadership, Policy and Change, a Post Graduate Certificate of Coaching, and a Bachelor of Business. She is a Master Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Practitioner, and an Action Learning Facilitator.


She is extremely passionate about developing leaders for a better world.


See more about her business Spire Coaching and connect with her on Linked In.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the program cost and do you offer payment plans?
Please attend an information session to see if this program is right for you, and you will learn about the cost of the program and current discounts available.

Q. Do you require a deposit to secure my spot?

Yes, for just AUD$100, you can secure your spot. Deposits are non-refundable.

Q. Do you offer discounted rates?

Yes, we offer 5 x case study discounted rates. Case Study participants are invited to provide honest feedback in real-time to the program facilitator. To apply please email: with ‘Case Study’ in the subject field and a summary of why you believe you would be a suitable case study for this program. However, be quick. Places strictly limited to 5 x Case studies.

Q. Can I have my employer cover the fee under the Professional Development Budget?

Contact your employer/manager/Human Resources, because many organizations offer professional development budgets for their staff. This program may aid in retention and succession training for aspiring leaders. Please contact Genevieve for more information.

Q. Do you offer scholarships?
If you are experiencing financial hardship, yet believe you are a great candidate for this program, please email:, and outline the reasons you deserve a 50% scholarship.

Q. Where can I find the other information about the program?
I would encourage you to download and go through the information brochure first and join me in one of the scheduled information sessions. Registration is free.

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