Fulfilling the potential of young people 

To be CLEAR about their future!

Passionate about developing young people to have the

confidence and ability

to become future leaders!

Leaders who are CLEAR about their future

and have the confidence & ability

to embrace Challenges,

as a Leader to Engage with the community,

take Action, and deliver Results,

as well as Reflect on the lessons learned along the journey.

Which will help to future-proof them against an increasingly volatile and challenging world.

Setting them up for success 

post school, university and beyond!

Spire Leadership Coaching Leadership Competence

7 C's of Leadership Competence







Critical thinking


About Spire

Passionate about developing young people's life, study, career and leadership skills in order for them to reach their full potential!


Aiming to develop socially responsible leaders who will create positive change in their communities.




Choose from our two programs

‘Skills for Success’

Life, Career, Study & Leadership 

Youth Coaching

A 10-hour program which can be run in

groups or one-to-one, online and face-to-face

Young people (aged 11-17) can participate in 10 hours of fun, interactive and insightful activities

designed to enhance increase self-awareness, self-management and performance.

The 4 x modules include: Life Coaching, Career Coaching, School Performance and Peer Coaching*.

Participants leave feeling more confident and motivated with a clear plan for their future!

(Using 'Coaching Young People for Success' Modules)

Click here to learn about the "SKILLS FOR SUCCESS" program.

'Inspiring Teens'

Youth Leadership Program

Developing young leaders through a project-based program, where participants grow and transform through producing results that benefit the community!

Developing young leaders to feel CLEAR about their future

able to embrace Challenges,

as a Leader to Engage with the community,

take Action and deliver Results!

Participants grow and flourish as they are empowered to solve problems, work effectively in teams, make decisions and deliver results which leads to further opportunities at school, university, in the workplace and beyond! 

Click here to learn about the flagship "INSPIRING TEENS" Youth Leadership program.

Spire Leadership Coaching Services for High School Students
High School Students

Through the 'Skills for Success' life coaching and

'Inspiring Teens' leadership program, students will develop the skills needed to make a positive impact in the community, thereby increasing their chances for success at school, university and beyond.

Spire Leadership Coaching Services for University Students
University Students

We offer leadership development workshops and project-based programs designed to develop the professional skills needed to make a positive difference in the community and increase chances of employability.

Spire Leadership Coaching Services for Organisations

Learn how these Youth Programs can be applied to your clients. Whether you are a council, library, Non-Profit Organisation or business wanting to make positive impact on youth.

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"The Ultimate Guide to Connect with your Teen"

The Ultimate Guide to Connect with your

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