Success stories of previous participants


Participants speaking of their experiences participating in a leadership program that was coordinated by Genevieve Hodge at Curtin University, and from which the 'Inspiring Teens' program is based upon.

20 years old


“This project changed my life. I gained a confidence and self-belief I never thought possible, built lifelong skills and a passion for influencing social and global change.”

24 years old


"The situation before: Not believing that I could impact the community/ uncertainty about my abilities  The change: Now I know that as long as I keep believing in myself and keep working towards a long term goal, there is always a way to help.  What caused the change: the learning process I underwent with the my project. Over 3 months, I've learnt that there are so many like-minded people and we may seem like small fish in a big pond, but when we work together and believe in the power we have to help the community, there will be a positive impact."

20 years old


“There are not many people that could turn a group of amazing people into an even more amazing group of leaders. Your endless support. Your energy. Your wisdom. Believing in us and pushing us to succeed. It means so much and I have learnt so much. For all that you’ve done Genevieve, I would like to say you are incredible. Thank you” 

20 years old


“Not only did it help me develop important organisational and leadership skills, but I think it really helped my confidence. I went on to study medicine and am currently working as a doctor. I found that my time in the JCLA program greatly prepared me for my interview and work. In my medical school interview, I talked at length about the work in the program and really impressed the interview panel. I would absolutely recommend this type of program to all young people. Not only do you get to work with like-minded interesting people who can become life-long friends, but you develop so much as a person and build amazing life skills in the process. I was also lucky enough to complete an internship program working directly underneath Genevieve. She was such an amazing mentor through this program, and I was able to build on many of the skills I started to develop in the JCLA program. It was amazing to work with someone who is so passionate about helping young people develop their passions and the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.” (CA)

Testimonials from parents


Parents spoke of their experiences participating in a parenting skills program; as well as seeing the positive changes and the successes they saw in their young persons after undergoing the 'Skills for Success' program which was coordinated by Genevieve Hodge.

Mum of 14 year old participant in "Youth Life, Career & Study Success"

"Proud Mum moment today. My boy had his first ever interview and scored his first ever job!!

He used Gen's workshop in his interview and now has a job at Maccas!

Gen is running this course these Easter Holidays...if you have a teenager you want inspired...check it out! She is an amazing coach!"

Susan Knapp, Parenting Skills for Success Participant

"I recently participated in one of Genevieve's webinars and found it be extremely insightful. Genevieve was an interactive, well-informed presenter who gave so much value and information regarding the topic. It is obvious the she is extremely passionate about teenagers and seeing them thrive as valuable and valued members of society and readily takes the role of partnering with the parents who are raising these teens. The session taught me so many new skills connected to interacting with teens and helping them to shine their light. I would recommend Genevieve's work to anyone looking for some inspiration in this area."

Parenting Skills for Success Participant

"I felt comfortable with Gen, and talking about personal issues with my teens. Having specific actionable steps to implement straight away was worth the investment of time."

Parenting Skills for Success Participant

"So relevant today, too much screen time, develop our youth, develop their worldview, get them off gaming, and give them a big picture view of the world.

It's all about YouTube, Snapchat, TicToc, Instagram. It consumes the teen world, which means they are not engaged in real world. Read everything in bite-sized chunks. I think it was really good PowerPoints, informative, relevant, interactive and bubbly enthusiastic leader who really believes in and is passionate about what she does!"

Parenting Skills for Success Participant

"Gen made us look within, pushed us to dig deep, and get us to answer the questions that we would use on our kids. As a facilitator, Gen is warm & loving and can't help but feel loved and nurtured."

Mum of a participant in

"Life and Career Coaching"

"HUGE SUCCESS! Katie is loving every minute and feeling very EMPOWERED! Thank you, Genevieve for sharing your wisdom and talents with our precious children!"

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