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Why the world needs more impactful leaders who are women

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I’m often asked how women can become impactful leaders - what it takes to become a leader, or perhaps more accurately, how to be ‘seen’ as a potential leader when applying for promotions and next-level roles.  

My quick answer is that, if you’re searching for the answer to this, you already ARE one of the impactful leaders needed by the world and truly can step into a life of great influence and security.  Let me describe to you how I see this unfolding for you.

I’ll rewind a bit first and let you know that we’ve just held the graduation for The Impactor leadership program and our graduates are already seeing the results in their workplaces with one newly appointed into a permanent role and another with a much clearer sense of direction and purpose.

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Becoming One of the Most Impactful Leaders: Making a Lasting Difference

How would you feel to walk into a room and stand in front of your team knowing that, today, you will make a difference in the way they work?  By bringing your compassion and expertise you will use your unique communication style to focus and inspire your team for success whilst also ensuring the impact made will further your strong intention of a better world. 

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Here’s what one of our graduates said: 

The Impactors has been a fantastic learning experience for me. … given me the opportunity to reflect on my career and think about what I want to achieve in my future…I'm also a lot more confident in myself and what qualities I can bring to a leadership role, despite my young age, helping shed that sense of “Imposter Syndrome.”     Lauren (Graduate, 2024)

If you were to list out, right now, your vision for the world I have no doubt it would include a better environment, more inclusivity, great education for your family, your team, and the wider community and so much more.  

Does it make economic sense? 

It makes more sense to have leaders inside corporations who are directly working towards the future and, for that to be assured, leaders will be required to work sustainably.  Sustainable for the workplace and the world. 

For a micro moment consider a ream of paper. Recycled paper costs slightly more (at the moment that is!) than non-recycled however we will question if printing is necessary. And we print less which, we know, encourages sustainability. And so the focus remains on good working practices and also on the planet. Win, Win for our impactor leader. 

And here is our macro moment.  A project is underway that will have a very real impact on people outside of the company.  As a leader, you will be able to empathise with all who are concerned and have the energy to drive forward all elements of the project - even those that are not immediately apparent. 

You have a vision.  

You ARE a woman impactor and a team leader extraordinaire.    

Want to know how can I help you be one of the impactful leaders our world needs?

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Hello - I’m Genevieve Hodge, founder of Spire coaching and I see, all around me, women under-represented in many of the decision-making processes in society (government, Boards, etc). 

I believe in supporting women, just like you, by using my skills, knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in leadership development.  My vision is to see women impactful leaders grow and flourish in their lives and their careers - so impact positively their world and the world around us all.

If you would like to chat about this or are interested to find out more please contact me

The Impactor Leadership Program

The Impactor Leadership Program is designed to develop impactful leaders for a better world, particularly for young professionals aged 25-35. 

The next intake for The Impactors© is September (Register your interest here and we will notify you when applications open and when there is an Information Session)

Let’s make the world a better place - together!


PS - If you know a young professional person who is hugely ambitious and a game changer and could benefit from leadership coaching to create an Impact in this world - please invite them to get in touch :)

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